My Mission

My mission is to empower you with the foundations and skills you require in order to grow and in order to live your true potential. Free from negative thought patterns and past experiences, you are powerful.

“Success is the product of daily habits, Not once in a lifetime transformations.”

– James Clear, Author Atomic Habits
Meditation Teacher & Coach

IMTTA Accredited Meditation Teacher & Coach


My mental health declined rapidly when I had kids. I had no choice but to find a way to deal with it all..

My connection to meditation started when I began to experience symptoms of poor mental health related to past childhood trauma. I knew I had to find a way to deal with the past and move forward in order to be the best version of myself for my wife and children and be someone my children could look up to one day. Around the same time, I also started studies on trading the financial markets and quickly learned that mindset was, above all, the most important aspect in order to become a successful trader.

Fast forward a few years and many hours of hard work, and I found myself in a far more positive, grateful and hopeful mindset, and I noticed that this to was starting to influence those around me in a positive way. I decided to deepen my own knowledge and delve into the world of teaching meditation with the inclusion of a holistic counselling/coaching approach in the hopes that I can support others to find the inner peace and positivity that I have grown into over the past years. My passion is in men’s mental health, and I believe that there is much work to do in this space to ensure that men in our community are getting the support they need, and feel comfortable to engage in the support being offered.

Like a tree you need strong roots to ground yourself

What are the foundations of your physical, emotional and spiritual happiness and are they being met? 

I can help you identify these crucial foundations as a first step to empower you to build a solid foundation for happiness.


Lay the foundation of your physical, emotional, spiritual happiness


Building healthy rituals and routines so to remove the noise from mind

Acceptance is a crucial key in your growth.

Struggling with anxiety, mental health issues or just struggling to move forward in general? I have personally struggled with all of the above but through reflection, goal setting and dedication I have been able to move forward and so will you. I look forward to meeting and supporting you on your journey to a happier, healthier you.