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Rejuvenate Your Mental Health

Empowering you to find inner peace and clarity. Develop a grounding practise that works for you as an individual. Meditation is not a one size fits all solution.


Rejuvenate Your Mental Health

Empowering you to find inner peace and clarity. Develop a grounding practice that is unique to you and your individual  lifestyle

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Struggling with Anxiety & Stress?

Build your foundation for change..

I will hold you accountable and be your biggest supporter. Sometimes all you need is some direction and just a little momentum to achieve things you always believed were unachievable. It is only you that is holding yourself back, life has it’s limitations but you do not…


Scope Of Services

One on One Coaching

I will help you lay solid foundations for the Mind, Body and Soul. Remove the noise from your mind and find clarity to reach your full potential, smash your goals and achieve your life's ambitions

Trading: Mindset & Coaching

Struggling to find consistency and constantly jumping from one strategy to the next with emotionally driven trades? I will work with you to build disciplined, structured rituals and routines and hold you accountable. Trading is a skill however mastery over emotion and rational decision making will keep you in the game!

Guided Meditation

Weekly guided meditation sessions for beginners. Working on breathing, visualization and various meditation and mindfulness techniques to empower you to build your own practice, in your own space and in your own time. Inner peace and calm are just moments away, you just need to know where to find them.


How It Works

Book in a one on one consultation and find a date and time that works for you.

Book into a beginners meditation class from as little as $19 a class

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